Motivation Hibernation

Posted on Aug 28 , 2014 in Hope & Life Lessons

Motivation Hibernation

© By Brad L Hodges

What galvanizes you, steers you to success or relegates you to mediocrity?

Legions of books have been written, seminars held and psychoanalysis conducted on the subject of motivation.

The absolute truth is that no one or no thing can propel you to eminence but yourself.

Sure you can enlist the aid of motivational coaches, dazzling seminars, self-help gurus or DVD actuation fuel in a box. But when the drill instructor has gone home, the booming audio, giant talking head screen, and illumination spectacle faded to black, the guru’s emigrated to the “next big thing,” and the DVD’s are sitting on a shelf with several coats of dust on them, you are still left with you.

It is then that you are in motivation hibernation, dumbed down to feelings of inadequacy, failure, soul sluggish dismissal and split personality bloodshed.

Every couple of years or so I break out the ‘Rocky Balboa’ 1-4 series and watch it. There is actually a Rocky 5 and 6 with rumors of even a 7 but who’s counting?

These films never fail to create some motivation, if not for the sound tracks alone, but the true motivation is the underlying message thread that success of any kind has to come from the heart. Conversely, failure arrives from the same place.

Your ability to traverse to success has to come from some trigger inside that only you can pull. Sometimes when one is in motivation hibernation their finger is frozen and numb and it can take months or even years to fumble its way through the guard and onto the lever.

So often past failures and missteps are the culprit that sends one into a motivation hibernation. Fear of more failure is the force that keeps the sleeping giant inside us from awakening from its stupor.

This article is not going to give you some magic formula for success or motivation. Sorry but that attempt has been there and done, or not, by others too numerous to count.

Many have been motivated by others of course, had their “lives changed” by someone with the psychological skill enough to jumpstart a spark into a roaring engine of energy and action. But that synthetic drug has it limitations and expiration date as most motivation junkies well know.

So often, as the motivational graveyard littered with decaying hopes and dreams staring blankly out onto a world of hope epitomizes, the aforementioned finger never finds the trigger simply because one is unwilling to examine and scrutinize their heart.

In the final and absolute consummation of awareness, you must be willing to listen, when all the noise and distraction of synthetic motivation is absent, to your heart. If you believe in a greater power than yourself that may be the voice that speaks to you.

Success via motivation simply cannot be rushed sometimes. The age-old questions of “who am I?” “what is my purpose?” “what is the meaning of life?” are very applicable components to examining your heart and ultimately finding the trigger that needs to be pulled to motivate you into some action that will lead to success.

Pray, meditate, just “be,” or whatever else you want to label a quest for self-awareness, but if you truly and candidly coalesce your known skill sets, your deepest desires and dreams for a life with the voice in your heart you will find your trigger of motivation to pull. And when you find it and pull it under these circumstances it will be the fountain of youth of motivation that will live forever inside you and drag you eternally from motivation hibernation.

“Eye of the tiger man, the eye of the tiger.”

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