This blog is dedicated to the reclamation of the unconditional centrality of the person of Jesus in demarcating who we are as well as what we do.  As difficult as it is to truly follow him, we contend that we must constantly come back to Jesus to validate as well as sanction ourselves as his people. We have no other “God’s-eye” view—of ourselves and our world by which to set our compasses or any other measure by which we can gauge the long-lasting positive assurance of our faith and find out if we are truly believers.

The love of Jesus, and our dedication to live in unison with him, is an ingrained divine activity at the heart of the church’s declaration of faith and knowledge that gives us a tool for our continued rebirth.  It appears to us that a continual, and everlasting, homecoming to Jesus is without question vital for any organization that desires to declare itself by his name.

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A Homecoming To Jesus